• Rescue from paraplegia

    Patient from Qatar seeks help from Dr. Oliver Meier at the Hellersen Sports Clinic
    At 18, Mohamed still has his whole life ahead of him. He is bursting with joie de vivre and a zest for action. However, his life could have been very different. He had a fractured cervical vertebra and without the…

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  • Hellersen sports clinic nominated for successful online marketing

    Award ceremony takes place in October
    Service today takes place on many different levels - and above all, the majority digitally. For the healthcare sector, and thus also for clinics, this means expanding targeted online communication to reach patients at all levels.

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  • Father and son side by side in the operating room

    Adifferent kind of family business: The Hagenah family is the sports clinic family
    When Dr. Joachim Hagenah thinks of the Hellersen Sports Clinic, he thinks of family. Of the sports clinic family, to which he has belonged for over 18 years, but also of his own, his wife and his three sons.

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  • New start at the Hellersen Sports Clinic: physiotherapist becomes personnel officer

    First dual student successfully completes training at special clinic
    Katharina Krömer associates a very special journey with the Hellersen Sports Clinic. After she had to give up her original profession as a qualified physiotherapist due to an accident at work, she made a new start at the…

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  • Sporty and healthy through the summer

    Exercisecaution on hot days
    Summer attracts many people to do sports outside. Whether it's for fun, to keep fit, or specific preparation for a sporting event - there are a few things to keep in mind when playing sports, and especially on hot summer days. Andreas Kramer, sports scientist in the…

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  • Hellersen Sports Clinic among "Germany's Excellent Hospitals 2023/24

    Stern magazine recommends specialist clinic in the areas of cruciate ligament rupture/meniscus and spinal surgery
    The news magazine Stern identified the best clinics from among 2,400 hospitals in Germany and 42 specialist areas. The Hellersen Sports Clinic is also one of them and is honored in the…

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  • Sports clinic doctor again among top physicians

    FOCUS Gesundheit honors Dr. Ulrich Schneider
    For 30 years, the magazine FOCUS Gesundheit has been recommending Germany's top physicians in its large list of doctors. Among them again for the year 2023 is Dr. Ulrich Schneider, Head Physician of Sports Medicine at the Hellersen Sports Clinic, as…

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  • Sportklinik Hellersen is the first clinic in the Märkischer Kreis to offer online appointments

    Better patient care through fast and efficient appointment management
    In order to optimize the service for patients in the long term and relieve the medical staff permanently, the Hellersen Sports Clinic and the Medical Care Center of the Hellersen Sports Clinic, cooperate with the e-health service…

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  • Sports Clinic Hellersen accompanies European Games in Krakow

    Dr. Stefan Nolte looks after the team of German sports shooters as team doctor
    The European Games will take place for the third time from June 21 to July 2. In 2015, the European Games were initiated for the first time by the European Olympic Committee and since then, Dr. Stefan Nolte, head…

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  • Healthy and fit through the finish with the sports medicine Hellersen

    Special clinic supports ISG Lüdenscheid in preparation for the AOK company run
    Several thousand participants take to the start line every year at the AOK company run in Lüdenscheid. Among them is a group from the inclusive sports community - ISG for short - which is preparing for this event together…

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  • Off on your bike - tips for a good start to the season

    Andreas Kramer, sports scientist in the sports medicine department of the Hellersen Sports Clinic in Lüdenscheid, explains the basics at
    As temperatures rise, so does the desire to do outdoor sports, and thus to ride a bike. However, health should always be in the foreground. At the start of the…

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  • "Highly qualified clinics such as the Hellersen Sports Clinic take on an important role"

    CDU Member of Parliament Dr. Georg Kippels in an exchange with the management of the Hellersen Sports Clinic
    The future challenges in the hospital landscape, such as the upcoming hospital reform and increasing outpatientization, were the predominant topics in an exchange between Dr. Georg Kippels…

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  • How a 73-year-old pensioner travels 1,600 kilometers with three artificial joints

    Enjoyinglife again thanks to surgery at the Hellersen Sports Clinic
    For Wolfram Fischer, sport is his elixir of life. Every day he feels an enormous urge to move and covers up to 50 kilometers a day - either on his bike or in his running shoes, the main thing being through the local forests in the…

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  • Sports clinic chief physicians awarded again

    Stern magazine includes Dr. Ulrich Schneider and Dr. Oliver Meier in its list of physicians at
    Stern magazine once again recommends the physicians at the Hellersen Sports Clinic as excellent specialists for the year 2023. Dr. Ulrich Schneider receives the award in the field of sports medicine and…

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  • More frequent accidents on ski slopes - Is the lack of preparation the reason?

    This winter season saw more ski injuries than in previous years. Why is that?
    Dr. Volker Stoll, head physician for knee surgery and sports traumatology at the Hellersen Sports Clinic, sees several reasons for this. He also explains how ski injuries are treated.


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  • Company sports group of the sports clinic for a reunion active again

    Members look back on successful years
    For 30 years, the company sports group of the Hellersen Sports Clinic (then known as the company sports group of the Sports Hospital) was active. After the group disbanded in 2008, the former members met again to play soccer in the gym of the…

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  • Hellersen Sports Clinic donates to Balthasar Children's Hospice in Olpe

    Employees and patients: Together for a good cause
    A total of 1,072 euros was raised during a joint fundraising campaign by employees and patients of the Hellersen Sports Clinic. The specialist clinic for orthopedics, trauma surgery and sports medicine recently donated this amount to the Balthasar…

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  • How to avoid back pain

    5 Facts about the Spine for Back Health Day
    The back muscles and spine are like a ship's mast and the shrouds that support it - good musculature gives the spine the support it needs as stability declines with age.

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  • Sportklinik Hellersen is a top employer in the healthcare sector

    Evaluation platform kununu awards Top Company seal to the specialist clinic for orthopedics, trauma surgery and sports medicine in Lüdenscheid
    A good working environment and satisfied employees - that's what the Top Company seal stands for. Since 2015, the kununu rating platform has awarded a seal…

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  • After breast cancer: "With the breast reconstruction I finally feel complete again".

    After a long road of fighting, they beat the disease and regained a piece of their quality of life with breast reconstruction. Two patients of Dr. Petra Scheffer, Chief Physician for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, report.

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  • New nursing service manager at the Hellersen Sports Clinic

    After 33 years, farewell to #TeamHellersen
    New year, new mission! For many people, the turn of the year marks a time to start something new. For Andreas Rabe, this was also the case. He took up his new position as head of nursing at the Hellersen Sports Clinic.

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  • Sportklinik Hellersen is a top employer in the healthcare sector

    How satisfied are the employees? What training opportunities are there and how well do applicants feel informed and involved?
    These are all criteria that the German Association for Consumer Studies (DtGV) includes in its evaluation of top employers. The Hellersen Sports Clinic was able to convince…

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  • Sportklinik Hellersen is looking for federal volunteers for the operating room

    Insight into the orthopedic specialist clinic / "We work hand in hand"
    Get a taste of everyday hospital life for a year and get an up-close look at the operating room. This opportunity is offered by the Hellersen Sports Clinic. The orthopedic specialty clinic is looking for young people who would…

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  • Hellersen Sports Clinic helps shape healthcare of the future

    Chairman of the Executive Board Dirk Burghaus a guest at Petersberg prevention talks
    At Petersberg, everything revolved around health on Thursday, November 17, 2022. Experts from the fields of medicine, science and politics, as well as managing directors of service providers such as Deutsche…

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  • In a national comparison: Above-average number of patients recommend the Hellersen Sports Clinic

    Particularly good results for implantation of joint replacements
    Of 601 patient evaluations, 89 percent recommend the Hellersen Sports Clinic. This was the result of the clinic comparison of the AOK Northwest, which was recently published. Using the health navigator on the AOK website, patients can…

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  • Sports clinic Hellersen for the first time training provider

    Special clinic invests in the future to actively counteract the shortage of skilled workers
    Three nursing students began their training as nursing specialists at the Hellersen Sports Clinic on December 1. They are the first nursing students to begin their careers at the Hellersen Sports Clinic.


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  • Sportklinik Hellersen belongs to the TOP clinics in Germany

    FOCUS Health awards Lüdenscheid specialty clinic in no less than four categories
    A particularly high level of expertise has distinguished the Hellersen Sports Clinic at national level for more than 75 years. This has now been proven once again by the award from FOCUS Gesundheit: in no less than four…

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  • Hellersen Sports Clinic one step closer to becoming a sustainable clinic

    Special hospital introduces RECUP reusable system
    Sustainability and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important. However, in healthcare and especially in hospitals, it is often difficult to act and take measures sustainably due to the high hygienic requirements. "Sustainability is…

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  • Sportklinik Hellersen belongs to top hospitals in Germany

    Stern magazine honors specialty clinic in spine surgery
    When it comes to health, it's also about trust. The large list of the Stern magazine "Germany's excellent hospitals" shows how many people trust in the expertise of the Sportklinik Hellersen, in which the Lüdenscheid special clinic is also…

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  • Sportklinik Hellersen launches new clinic website

    The website relaunch of the Hellersen Sports Clinic has been online for a few weeks now. With this, the specialist clinic for orthopedics, trauma surgery and sports medicine is consistently continuing its newly developed brand and corporate communication and digitally transforming the redesign of…

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  • Sports clinic chief physicians honored as top physicians by Focus Gesundheit

    Dr. Ulrich Schneider and Dr. Oliver Meier included in top list
    Dr. Oliver Meier, head physician of the department of special spine surgery, and Dr. Ulrich Schneider, head physician of sports medicine at the Hellersen Sports Clinic, are once again among the top physicians honored by Focus Gesundheit…

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  • First pain therapist at the Center for Special Pain Medicine

    Interdisciplinary collaboration enriches Hellersen Sports Clinic
    Dr. Wolfgang Welke has a lot of experience in the field of pain treatment. Now the head physician of the Center for Special Pain Medicine at the Hellersen Sports Clinic trained the first pain therapist.


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  • Gold award for the Hellersen Sports Clinic

    Clean Hands Campaign: Clinic receives certificate for hand hygiene
    After the special clinic for orthopedics, trauma surgery and sports medicine received the silver certificate last year as part of the Clean Hands Campaign, the Hellersen Sports Clinic can look forward to the gold certificate this…

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  • Sports clinic Hellersen successfully certified

    Investment in the future of the orthopedic specialty clinic
    Top-level medicine and all-round care for patients are the aspirations of the Hellersen Sports Clinic. The ISO 9001 certificate that the orthopedic specialty clinic recently received shows that this is being met.

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  • Exam completed: Hellersen sports clinic well positioned to train

    Two dedicated employees complete further training in practical guidance
    Actively counteracting the shortage of skilled workers. The best way to do this is to train staff in-house. The Hellersen Sports Clinic already made a start last year with a cooperation as a partner for practical assignments…

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  • 100 percent sterile and still sustainable in the operating room

    Cooperation with Lüdenscheid-based company
    The clock is ticking. Climate change continues to advance. This makes the issue of sustainability all the more important. However, sustainability is usually difficult to implement, especially for a hospital and in the operating room, where the top priority…

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  • Hellersen Sports Clinic implants first next-generation pain stimulator in Germany

    Center for Special Pain Medicine: Extended life of pain pacemakers and operation with tablet
    Up to 16 million people suffer from chronic pain in Germany, according to the German Pain Society.

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  • Sportklinik Hellersen donates 2,170 euros to Stadtsportverband Lüdenscheid e.V. and Kreissportbund Märkischer Kreis e.V.

    The Hellersen Sports Clinic supports children and young people in sports with 2,170 euros. Yesterday, Monday, October 18, Clinic Director Dirk Burghaus presented a donation of 1,085 euros each to the Stadtsportverband Lüdenscheid e. V. (SSV) and to the Kreissportbund Märkischer Kreis e. V. (KSB).

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  • Hellersen Sports Clinic celebrates 75th anniversary

    Thefirst athletes were treated in 1946 / Main focus is on specialization
    A lot has changed in healthcare in 75 years. This also applies to the Hellersen Sports Clinic. The orthopedic specialty clinic is celebrating its anniversary this year.

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  • Juggler back on the ball after wrist surgery at Hellersen Sports Clinic Member of Clowns and Company gives first events after torn ligament

    Thanks to a hand operation, Markus Lenze is able to pursue his hobby again. And to his great surprise, much faster than he originally thought. As a member of Clowns and Company e.V., Markus Lenze is a familiar face in the Märkischer Kreis.

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  • 10,000 euros for flood victims

    Hellersen Sports Clinic collects donations for employees
    10,000 euros were collected during a fundraising campaign at the Hellersen Sports Clinic. They will benefit an employee who was hit hard by the flood disaster.

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  • Covid-19 and Sport

    What to watch out for when returning to sports after a corona illness
    Normal life is returning bit by bit and corona is moving into the background due to the current easing. However, anyone who has had a corona illness should not take it lightly, advises Dr. Ulrich Schneider, internist and head…

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  • Performance study with firefighting trainees

    24 trainees of the district fire department for performance testing at the Hellersen Sports Clinic
    24 trainees of the district fire department underwent performance diagnostics at the Sports Medicine Department of the Hellersen Sports Clinic last week. The performance diagnostics are part of a study…

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  • Sport after vaccination: what to watch out for

    More and more people have the opportunity to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. This is good and important. Regardless of the possible long-term consequences of the coronavirus, infectious diseases in general can lead to long training absences or even jeopardize athletic careers.

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  • Hygiene certificate for the Hellersen Sports Clinic

    Award in hand hygiene / Few wound infections thanks to good concept
    Hygiene is the be-all and end-all in hospitals. The Hellersen Sports Clinic not only puts this into practice with an excellent safety and hygiene concept regarding prevention of the coronavirus. The orthopedic specialty clinic can…

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  • A disease that is often not recognized

    Patients report what it's like to live with lipedema
    Disparaging looks and insulting comments about her figure are part of Brigitte Brühl's everyday life. What many people don't know is that Brigitte Brühl is not simply fat, she has a disease - lipedema. This is a painful disease of the fatty tissue…

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  • Sports clinic Hellersen for the first time training center for nursing staff

    Cooperation with the Liebeskind Care Academy GmbH nursing school in Werdohl / Trainees start on April 20
    For the first time since its opening, the Hellersen Sports Clinic will become a training center for prospective nursing specialists today, Tuesday, April 20. This is made possible by a…

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  • Top physicians 2021

    Dr. Ulrich Schneider and Dr. Oliver Meier listed in best list by Focus magazine
    Doctors from the Hellersen Sports Clinic are again listed in the Focus-Gesundheit magazine's best list for 2021. Dr. Ulrich Schneider receives the award for the top physician in the category of sports medicine as well as…

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  • Do not wait too long for fear

    Keep an eye on the time frame even for elective surgery
    An emergency is urgent and usually requires immediate surgery. Postponement is not possible. With an elective - i.e., plannable - procedure, it's a different story.

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  • The expert for the hip

    Dr. Joachim Hagenah, head physician of the endoprosthetics department at the Hellersen Sports Clinic, explains why experience minimizes risks
    Hip surgery is a major operation that should be well planned. For Dr. Joachim Hagenah, however, it is routine. He has been working at the Hellersen Sports…

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  • Center for pain medicine from Letmathe well integrated

    Successful first year for special pain medicine at the sports clinic
    Dr. Wolfang Welke can still remember the fight to keep the Marienhospital in Letmathe open. And also of the call from Sports Clinic CEO Dirk Burghaus, who offered to take over the entire pain clinic team from Letmathe in order to…

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  • New designation, familiar quality

    Department of Shoulder, Elbow and Knee Surgery becomes Center for Special Joint and Trauma Surgery
    With immediate effect, the department of private lecturer Dr. Sascha Beck at the Hellersen Sports Clinic is no longer called "Shoulder, Elbow and Knee Surgery/Sports Traumatology", but "Center for…

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  • Hellersen Sports Clinic donates Advent calendar to the Olpe Children's Hospice

    For children, the anticipation of Christmas is often the best joy and this is usually increased with an Advent calendar. In order to give children with whom fate has not been kind a very special joy before Christmas, the Hellersen Sports Clinic is donating 50 Advent calendars to the Balthasar…

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  • A stroke of fate led Katharina Krömer to the sports clinic

    Dual studies possible again next year
    July 20, 2016 changed everything in Katharina Krömer's life. Due to an accident at work, the now 28-year-old was suddenly no longer able to work in her learned profession as a physiotherapist.

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  • New medical director at the sports clinic

    Dr. Petra Scheffer replaces Dr. Jürgen Hagenah after five and a half years
    Since 2015, Dr. Jürgen Hagenah has been Medical Director at the Hellersen Sports Clinic. After five and a half years, he will now be replaced on November 1 by Dr. Petra Scheffer, chief physician for plastic, reconstructive…

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  • New chief physician enables more treatments on back and spine

    New specialist area from October 1 at the Sports Clinic
    Dr. Oliver Meier's specialty is the spine. Whether deformations, curvatures or age-related changes due to wear and tear - the head physician for special spine surgery comes into play when higher-grade instabilities are present and there is no…

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