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The spine forms the axis of the body. Due to its structure, we can walk upright and are in balance. Due to the strain of walking upright, wear and tear often occurs with age. The intervertebral discs wear out, reducing the distance between the vertebrae and making the spine unstable.

If you have a problem with your back, Hellersen is the right place for you. Our spine center is broadly positioned in the area of back health. We offer conservative orthopedics, spine surgery as well as specialty spine surgery.

Our experts agree that surgery is only performed if, after a thorough diagnosis, it is determined that no other method will work. If surgery is unavoidable, our patients are also in good hands.

Dr. med. Stefan Nolte

Chief of

Conservative Orthopedics

    Dieter Henigin

    Chief of

    Spine Surgery

      Dr. med. Oliver Meier

      Chief of

      Special Spine Surgery