Foot malpositions

The risk for a disease

A malposition is not a disease per se. However, in many cases it does carry a risk of it. Foot deformities are often caused by incorrect stress or are hereditary. The most common foot deformities are flat feet, splay feet, hallux valgus and hammertoes. The consequences of such a deformity always depend on the extent of the deformation.


The first thing to do is to recognize the deformity. Typical symptoms are visible changes in the anatomy of the foot, pain, especially when moving or straining, limited mobility, muscle tension, pressure sores or calluses on the foot.


Treatment always depends on the type of deformity, the severity as well as the cause. Treatment usually begins conservatively with shoe inserts or special splints to compensate for the deformity. If this does not lead to the desired success, surgical intervention is possible to correct the malposition. Depending on the deformity, a tendon transfer is possible, the removal of bone fragments or, as a last resort, joint stiffening to interrupt the symptoms.

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