Clinic magazine of the sports clinic Hellersen

With our clinic magazine Hellersen Insight, we would like to give you exciting insights into the everyday clinic life of our special clinic for orthopedics, trauma surgery and sports medicine in Lüdenscheid. We report with a wide range of topics from the medical specialties of the sports clinic, interesting patient and staff stories, portraits of our specialists as well as with political topics from the healthcare sector and the Märkischer Kreis.

Current magazine issue 01/2023

In this issue of the magazine, knee specialist Dr. Volker Stoll, Chief of Knee Surgery and Sports Traumatology, presents MPFL plastic surgery for the treatment of patella luxation (popped-out kneecap). Elie Hassoun, senior physician in the Center for Special Joint and Trauma Surgery, reported on the benefits of elbow arthroscopy in the treatment of tennis elbow and golfer's elbow. For one day, we were allowed to accompany the nursing team of the Hellersen Sports Clinic. Nursing service manager Andreas Rabe and ward manager Raphaela Kunde give us exciting insights into the day-to-day work of nursing. In the interview, CEO Dirk Burghaus comments on the planned hospital reform in North Rhine-Westphalia and reports on the importance of employer branding in hospital marketing.

The current hospital magazine is available for you to take away free of charge in the waiting area of the registration desk and in the outpatient departments of our hospital.

As part of the KU Management Congress 2022, the KU Awards were presented in the category "Best Hospital Magazine". A total of seven clinics from all over Germany were nominated. The Hellersen Sports Clinic took 2nd place with the Hellersen Insight clinic magazine, behind the Bonn University Hospital.

Since 2015, the trade magazine KU Gesundheitsmanagement has presented awards for the most innovative projects and most successful campaigns in healthcare and hospital marketing. Awards are presented in six categories: Clinic Marketing, Patient Communication, Employer Marketing, Online Marketing and Clinic Magazine.

More issues of our sports clinic magazine are available for free PDF download.