Federal voluntary service in the sports clinic Hellersen

The Federal Volunteer Service is open to interested persons of any age group after they have completed their full-time compulsory education. As a rule, the assignment is to last twelve months, but at least six and no more than 24 months.

The Federal Volunteer Service is generally to be performed in full employment. If volunteers are older than 27, part-time service of more than 20 hours per week is also possible. Volunteers are mainly deployed in the areas of nursing services, pain therapy and in the business and supply services.

We offer an interesting job, pocket money of 250 euros plus food allowance in accordance with the German Ordinance on Payment in Kind (Sachbezugsverordnung) and work clothes.

If you are interested in doing the Federal Volunteer Service, please apply with the following documents:

  • Cover letter stating the desired period of service
  • Curriculum vitae and passport photo

Our human resources department will be happy to provide you with information on vacancies for the Federal Volunteer Service in advance.

Sportklinik Hellersen
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We look forward to meeting you!