Foot and ankle joint

Andrea Knichel

Chief of

Foot and Ankle Surgery / Pediatric Orthopedics

    Did you know that your feet really do the distance?
    In a way, they carry you around the world three times in your life. That's why it's so important to be on good footing from an early age. That is why at the Sportklinik Hellersen we pay the greatest attention to children's feet.

    Starting with the surgical correction of children's flat feet, corrections of malpositions of the feet and forefoot such as hallux valgus, through ankle interventions to the use of ligamentoplasty to stabilize the joints.

    Our foot and ankle surgery team has many years of experience in the conservative and surgical treatment of diseases and deformities of the foot and ankle - in children and adults.

    Individual treatment tailored to the patient is always the focus of our work.

    Treatment focus

    • Differentiated therapy of hallux valgus
    • Joint-preserving and joint-stiffening therapy of hallux rigidus
    • Surgical therapy for small toe malpositioning and metatarsalgia / claw toes
    • Joint-preserving flatfoot surgery with tendon reconstruction
    • Stabilizing metatarsal surgery after old injuries and fractures
    • Achilles tendon reconstruction for acute and chronic injuries
    • Heel spur surgery
    • Reconstruction and stabilization surgery of the peroneal tendons
    • Ligament reconstruction of the upper ankle joint
    • Arthroscopy of the upper ankle joint and hindfoot
    • Treatment of cartilage damage of the upper ankle joint
    • Stage-oriented therapy of arthrosis of the upper and lower ankle joint
    • Joint stiffening of the upper and lower ankle joint
    • Endoprosthetics of the upper ankle joint
    • Correction of the infantile flat foot

    Our medical team

    Andrea Knichel

    Chief of

    Foot and Ankle Surgery / Pediatric Orthopedics

      Metin Ali

      Senior Physician

      Foot and Ankle Surgery

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