Case Management

Acute changes in the state of health often lead to uncertainty and anxiety among relatives and patients.

Questions arise such as:

  • Can I apply for follow-up treatment?
  • Where can I get a nursing bed?
  • How can I get help at home?
  • What is short-term care?
  • What aids are available?

We support and advise patients and relatives to ensure that care is provided for people with increased care and nursing needs after hospitalization. During the counseling sessions, we try to promptly incorporate your ideas and personal circumstances into the discharge preparations.

For the secure organization of a prompt follow-up rehabilitation - especially in case of a hip or knee TEP - please contact us immediately after your surgery appointment.

Our goal is to ensure coordinated care after hospital discharge.

Our field of activity

  • Organization of your outpatient and inpatient follow-up rehabilitation
  • Urgent application for a nursing degree in case of lacking home care after your inpatient stay
  • Care advice
  • Short-term care
  • Contact to nursing services and retirement homes
  • Organization of treatment care
  • Assistance in applying for a severely disabled person's card
  • Information on "home emergency call" and "menu service
  • Discharge planning and transition

You have questions or want more information? We are personally there for you!

Andrea Schulz

Case Management
(House 1, Ward 1.1, Room 1.117)

Office hours


Monday - Friday
8.00 - 13.00
and appointments by arrangement

Stephan Diedrich

Case Management
(House 1, Ward 1.1, Room 1.166)

Office hours


Monday - Friday
8.00 - 15.00
and appointments by arrangement