Spine surgery / neurosurgery

When conservative treatment options have been exhausted and surgery is necessary, our back specialists are in close contact with the neurosurgeons in Spine Surgery. With their many years of experience, the surgeons treat the wide-ranging clinical pictures of the nervous system minimally invasively and microsurgically - from acute herniated discs to spinal canal stenoses.

Depending on the degree of damage and the affected spinal site, various surgical techniques are used. In some cases, the experienced spine specialists replace the worn disc with an implant in order to preserve the movement and thus the mobility of individual vertebrae. Our ultimate goal: That you get moving again and we relieve your pain.

Treatment focus

  • Microscopic minimally invasive disc surgery of the cervical spine and lumbar spine via various approaches
  • Minimally invasive spinal canal expansion of spinal canal stenoses of the cervical spine, thoracic spine and lumbar spine via various approaches
  • Disc prostheses of the cervical spine
  • Infections of the spine, abscesses
  • Tumors in the spinal canal
  • Outpatient diagnostic, therapeutic injections at the spine: fecette infiltration, PRT
  • Nerve constriction syndrome: carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, meralgia paraesthetica

Our medical team

Dieter Henigin

Chief of

Spine Surgery

    Anis Qandil

    Senior Physician


      Bernard Essed



        Dr. med. Ralf Wied



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