Wound Management

Great importance is attached to wound care at the Sportklinik Hellersen. In close cooperation with the attending physicians and nursing staff, the wound management team provides wound care.under the direction of Martina Schaldach, among other things non-healing, chronic and complicated wounds, ulcers and as well asWound healingungsdisorders.

Anamnesis - the basis of treatment

Thereby takes into account Wundexpertin Martina Schaldach always takes into account the respective wound wound healing phase and responds to the individual needs of the patient. A very important part of the treatment is the patient's medical history, since many illnessessuch as diabetes, for example, can influence the healing process. Together with the patient, the wound expert works out the therapeutic measures and looks after you during your inpatient stay at the Hellersen Sports Clinic.

Further treatment after discharge

Further treatment after your discharge can be handed over to a doctor in your home town or - at your request - continued on an outpatient basis at our clinic. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs. Martina Schaldach is a registered nurse and has been in charge of wound care at the Sportklinik Hellersen since 2004. In 2006 she qualified as a nursing therapist ICW.

Treatment focus

  • non-healing wounds
  • chronic, venous or arterial ulcers (open legs)
  • Wounds in connection with consequential damages of diabetes
  • pressure ulcers (decubitus)
  • Wound healingungsdisturbances after surgical interventions

Contact & Appointment

Martina Schaldach

Nursing Therapist Wound ICW / Wound Management

    If you have not found a date that suits you, please feel free to contact us by phone.

    Martina Schaldach

    Nursing Therapist Wound ICW / Wound Management

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