Information from A to Z

Everything you need to know about your stay at the Hellersen Sports Clinic



We ask you to refrain from drinking alcohol during your stay. This can influence the healing process. We are also obliged to inform the responsible cost bearer about this.

Admission & Registration

You can obtain the registration number for inpatient, prehospital and outpatient appointments at the reception desk directly in the entrance area of House 1 of our clinic.


Identity card


Health insurance card


for an outpatient appointment a referral from the orthopedist or trauma surgeon (in exceptional cases, also from them family doctor)


a Hospitalization during the preliminary examinations for inpatient stay.


You should bring along previous findings such as doctor's letters, X-rays, MRI reports, etc. to avoid duplicate examinations


Overview of your regularly taken medications


If available: Proof of your supplementary insurance for elective services

Letter and parcel post delivery


Letter and parcel post received for you will be handed to you daily. You also have the option of dropping off your letters and parcels at the mailroom at the main entrance of House 1 bezeductionweise to be handed in at the reception desk in house 2.


Flowers from visitors are always a nice gesture. However, potted plants are not allowed in the hospital for hygienic reasons. We therefore ask you to return the potted plants to your visitors. Broughte bouquets are allowed allowed. For these are in house 1 and house 2 also vending machines with disposable flower vases are available.

Own contribution

Please note that insured persons of the statutory health insurance have to pay 10 Euro per day for inpatient treatment up to the 28th day. per day per day. This money is not intended for the hospital, but will be paid in full to your health insurance company. You will receive an invoice after your stay, which you can pay conveniently by bank transfer.


The use of the televisions in the patient rooms is free of charge. However, you will need headphones, which you can either bring yourself or purchase for 2.60 euros at the reception desk.

Lost property

If If you have lost valuables, clothing or other personal items, you can find them in our lost and found office. For this purpose, please contact us by phone: 02351 945-2121.


There is no ATM on the clinic grounds themselves.The nearest ATM is located in the large parking lot of the Aldi store across from the clinic.

Clinic grounds

Do not leave the clinic premises during your stay at the clinic. Otherwise expires any liability on our part. Eventuelle Participation in church services at the Lüdenscheid Clinic is excluded from this regulation (see hospital chaplaincy).

Hospital chaplaincy

It is possible to attend the Catholic Mass (Saturdays, 4:00 p.m.) or the Protestant service (Sundays, 10:00 a.m.) at the Lüdenscheid Clinic. To do so, please register one hour before the service at the reception desk, House 1 at Tel. 9.

Parking spaces

Patients who have arrived by car are kindly requested to park their vehicle in the parking spaces behind the clinic, as the parking spaces in front of the main entrance must be available to outpatients and visitors. For those parking for less than 30 minutes, parking is free. For 30 minutes or more, parking fees are 1.00 Euro per hour, with a maximum of 9.00 Euro per day. For a longer stay of up to three weeks, parking fees are 45.00 euros. Driving in and out during this time interrupts the parking time. You will find the parking machines in the entrance areas of buildings 1 and 2.


Smoking is prohibited in the buildings of the Hellersen Sports Clinic. The smoking areas are located in front of the entrances of houses 1 and 2 respectively and are protected from rain by a glass roof.


If you need a cab, we will be happy to order it for you. Just contact the reception of house 1.. Please remember that you will have to pay for the cab ride yourself. People with statutory health insurance are entitled to reimbursement of travel costs under certain conditions in accordance with § 60 of the German Social Security Code (SGB). For more detailed information, simply contact your health insurance company.

Telephone usage

You can have the phone activated at reception, and it can be activated for a fee. We charge 2.70 euros per day of use - this includes a flat rate for calls to the German fixed network and to German mobile networks. You will receive instructions for use when you register at the reception desk..You will also receive thehe final bill when you are discharged.


To be treated by us, you need a referral from an orthopedist or trauma surgeon (in exceptional cases also from your family doctor) or, in the case of an inpatient stay, a referral.

Accommodation of relatives

Patients who, for example, have to travel a long way and do not want to make the long journey on the day of the operation, as well as relatives or accompanying persons, have the option of renting an apartment on the premises of the Hellersen Sports Clinic. The apartments with self-catering can be requested via the patient management under the telephone number 02351-945- 2121. The cost is between 70 and 100 euros per night. In addition, there are several hotels in the surrounding area


We assume no liability for valuables of any kind (watches, jewelry, money, etc.). You can hand them over for safekeeping against a receipt at the reception in house 1 (entrance hall). We are also not liable for your personal wardrobe and for any damage to your clothes.entuell. parked in the parking lot of the clinic.


You can register for WLAN access via the staff at reception. The WLAN is free of charge for all inpatients.