Hospital etiquette

For good togetherness

For our doctors, nurses and staff, you are at the center of everything they do. To ensure that the complex "health cosmos" of the hospital functions smoothly and that you can recover well, we have put together a little hospital etiquette guide for you.

Healing needs rest

With telephone, television, radio, relaxed visiting hours and a wide range of services, we offer you great personal freedom and a variety of contact opportunities. However, medical and nursing requirements have absolute priority. Please be considerate of your fellow patients in all your activities.


Please ensure that you are dressed appropriately when visiting individual facilities within the hospital. Please do not stay outside the hospital in a bathrobe or with visible medical equipment.

Smoking and alcohol

Smoking as well as the influence of alcohol can enormously disturb or prevent the healing process. Remember that alcohol in combination with medication poses a particular risk to you.
Therefore, the consumption of alcohol is not desired in our clinic.
Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire building at the Hellersen Sports Clinic. The smoking area in the entrance area of house 1 and 2 is an exception.

Laptop and tablet

Nowadays, mobile communication is possible everywhere. If necessary, you can also be online with us using your laptop or tablet. Our goal is to be able to discharge you in as short a time as possible. Therefore, please check your needs and ask us about the requirements for Internet access.

Fire protection

Fire safety regulations in hospitals are rightly regulated in great detail by the legislator. Please pay attention to the signs everywhere. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that open fires, candles, tea lights - even during the Advent and Christmas season - are strictly prohibited.