Costs & Billing

The costs for your stay in our clinic are covered by the corresponding health insurance for those with statutory health insurance. In addition, you will have to pay a co-payment, which you can easily transfer from home after your stay. We have summarized the most important information about co-payments and cost absorption for you.

Patients with statutory health insurance
If you have statutory health insurance, your health insurance generally covers the costs of general hospital services. Private services are excluded.

Before your inpatient stay with us, we will take care of the applications for the assumption of costs by your health insurance company - if you agree to this.
According to the current legislation (§ 39 Abs. 4 SGB V) an additional co-payment of €10.00  per day is due for a hospital stay - from the day of admission to the day of discharge.

The co-payment is charged for a maximum of 28 calendar days per year and thus amounts to a maximum of €280.00 - regardless of the number of times you are hospitalized. If you have already made co-payments in the hospital in the current calendar year, these will be offset.

How to pay co-payments
After your stay in our clinic, you will receive an invoice for the co-payment of your own contribution, which you can pay conveniently and easily by bank transfer.


  • Please be sure to include your case number as the reason for payment when transferring your invoice. This is indicated on your invoice.

Exemption from co-payments
You do not have to pay co-payments under the following conditions:

  • You are under 18 years of age.
  • Your health insurance company has exempted you from co-payments.
  • You have already exceeded the maximum co-payment amount of €280.00 in the current calendar year.



  • Please provide us with all relevant documents, such as receipts for payments already made or the co-payment waiver from your health insurance company, at the time of admission.

Privately insured and recipients of elective services
Are you privately insured? Then the general hospital services - provided you consent to this - will be billed directly to your private health insurance company. Please simply present us with the confirmation of your private health insurance on site.

If you have private insurance, you will not have to pay any co-payments.
Optional services are billed via your private or supplementary insurance. Without such insurance, you will be billed directly.

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