After treatment

Your discharge

Once treatment is complete and nothing stands in the way of your discharge, you will find important information here:

When will I be released?


If the treatment is completed and the attending physician is satisfied with the development, you can be discharged. Your doctor will inform you and your relatives about the appointment. As a rule, discharge only takes place after a medical assessment. On the day of discharge, please have left your room by 10:00 a.m., unless you have been informed otherwise.

What does the further treatment look like?

Before you are discharged, your doctor will talk to you about the necessary further treatment, for example, outpatient treatment with a colleague in private practice or drug treatment. If you still need medicine after your stay, we will give you a supply. You can obtain follow-up prescriptions from your doctor who is continuing your treatment. Please visit him or her as soon as possible.

In the discharge letter - also called a doctor's letter - your general practitioner or specialist will receive important information about your hospital stay, such as the diagnosis, a medication plan or therapy recommendations. In some cases, you may initially receive only a preliminary discharge letter upon discharge. The detailed document will then be sent to you or your specialist or general practitioner by mail. Just get in touch with us.

Who issues a sick certificate with me?

If you need a hospital certificate, you can obtain it from the staff in the patient admission department. Please do not hesitate to contact them.



Have you packed all your private things?


Signing out at your station


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