Outpatient operations

Outpatient surgery center

Welcome to the outpatient surgery center at the Sportklinik Hellersen. Thanks to minimally invasive surgical techniques, many operations can now be performed on an outpatient or short inpatient basis. These operations are performed by our specialists in our outpatient surgery center.

We want you to feel as well prepared as possible and know what to expect. We have compiled some important information for you below.

Important information in advance:

  • You will need a referral from a specialist (this is usually to be presented at the pre-operative examinations) - self-paying patients only need an identity card
  • Please make sure you arrive sober for your surgery appointment
  • Jewelry and piercings must be removed before the operation, as well as contact lenses, glasses, hearing aids and loose dentures
  • A competent adult should be available to pick you up and look after you at home for a period of 24 hours

We ask that you bring a well-stocked bag with you to your outpatient appointment. This should contain all necessary items, including your regular medication, personal hygiene products and overnight items. Even if a longer stay is not intended, it may be necessary in rare cases. This will ensure that you are well prepared if further medical observation is required.

This is how outpatient surgery works at our clinic


Preoperative examination
The outpatient operation is preceded by a preoperative examination - also known as preadmission. At this appointment, you will be fully prepared for your operation and a number of examinations will take place to clarify whether the operation can be carried out as planned. This includes, among other things, informative discussions with anesthetists and surgeons as well as laboratory tests. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.



Registration on the day of the outpatient surgery
You were informed in advance of the time at which you should arrive at the Sportklinik Hellersen on the day of the procedure. If this has not happened, please call us again on +49 2351 945-2544 the day before the operation (preferably around 5 p.m. the evening before) to clarify this. Please adhere to the guidelines for sobriety.

When you arrive at the clinic, please report briefly to reception in House 1. From there, please go to Ward 1.2 (House 1) and register in the ward room of the outpatient surgery center (room is signposted).

The nursing staff will assign you a room for the day where you can change and stay until you are collected for surgery.


After the outpatient operation
After the operation, you will be carefully monitored and receive the necessary care and pain medication. You will therefore remain in the recovery room for a short time and will then be taken back to your room to remain under observation for the time being. You will be allowed to go home as soon as the surgeon has carried out the post-operative care and everything is in order.

The attending doctor will also have a final consultation with you as part of your aftercare. He will inform you about the next steps in your recovery and give you clear instructions on wound care, taking medication and rehabilitation.


So that you feel at home with us - accompanying persons and catering


Accompanying persons
You may of course bring an accompanying person with you to your outpatient surgery. This is even necessary for collection and subsequent care at home within the next 24 hours. While you are being operated on, your companion can either wait in your room or in the waiting area of the ward. Your companion is also welcome to visit our cafeteria and take advantage of the services on offer there. We will let you know as soon as you are back from the operating theater.



You can bring a snack with you, as you will certainly feel hungry after the operation. If you do not have a snack with you or it is not enough, please speak to our nursing staff. Our staff will be happy to provide you with coffee, tea and small snacks such as fruit or small wraps after the operation.